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clients throughout the beautiful Ventura County, California.

You Can Now Apply For Big College Donations (and tax breaks)

We believe some of our Ventura County residents will find the link provided below helpful: You can [more]

Tax Planning for 2014

A few ideas by your Ventura County CPAs that may help to get you prepared for next year's taxes. [more]

Finding Hidden Treasure

Would you like to know if you have any unclaimed property with the State of California? [more]

It’s Tax Time!

Find out what are some of the highlights of this year’s tax filing and if you are eligible. [more]

Household Employment Taxes

Do you have a household employee? Then find out if you owe payroll taxes on their wages. [more]

Seeking a Job? You May Be Able to Deduct the Expenses

Find out if you are eligible to deduct the cost of finding work in your current occupation. [more]

Do You Qualify for the Health Care Premium Tax Credit?

If you purchase health insurance through an exchange, you may be eligible for a tax credit that will[more]

Geographic Distribution of Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

Did you know that the value of home mortgage interest deduction varies significantly based on a tax[more]

How to Minimize Your Chances of Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft

Unfortunately, identity theft is a growing problem. In fact, California is one of the top three stat[more]

DOMA Decision’s Impact on Financial Planning for Same-Sex Couples

Find out about some of the changes affecting qualifying same-sex couples' financial planning. [more]

Umbrella Insurance:  Why wouldn’t you?

Find out why without Umbrella Liability Policy your wages and assets could be at stake. [more]

Take the Uncertainty Out of Health Care Reform

At Pyne, Waltrip, Decker & McCoy, LLP, we can help you understand whether your health coverage meets[more]

Employer-sponsored Retirement Plans

Learn how you can divert a large percentage or all of December’s paycheck toward your company-spon[more]

Have You Renewed Your Health Insurance Policy Yet?

Here is some helpful information for small businesses in Ventura County regarding their health insur[more]

Uniform Prudent Investors Act

Learn about the many “Duties” imposed on Trustees in the Uniform Prudent Investors Act. [more]

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness

If you received cancellation of debt on your principal residence during 2013, we encourage you to me[more]

A Heartwarming Story From One of Our Clients

A heartwarming story from one of our clients, Harrison Industries… [more]

Team Play

Don Pyne's perspective on being a part of a team play. [more]

A Ventura County CPA’s Way to Cope with Tax Due Dates

To motivate myself to make it through some of the tougher tax due dates, I invariably plan a trip be[more]

Getting Your Financial Affairs in Order

Your Parents took care of you when you were young, now you can help take care of them. [more]

Twice as Nice

Life is precious, new life is beautiful, life experiences can bring happiness and joy... twins are t[more]

Tree House Adventure

I don’t know where along the way this tree house project went from something I was doing for my so[more]

Taxes and Vacation for a Ventura County CPA

Even on vacation a partner and a Ventura County CPA gets ready to answer all of your new tax questio[more]

What Should You Do If You Are a Victim of Identity Theft

Last February 27, 2012, I became a victim of identity theft.  My bank notified me that an individua[more]

Talker, Email for your Ears App

Is there just not enough time to go through all of your emails during the day? There is an app that[more]

Now Hear This…Not All Thieves Are Stupid!!

Interesting accounts to help you be more cautious and aware…and smarter than the thieves! [more]

Leveraging Social Media to Build Your Brand

Social media can be a powerful tool in shaping and maintaining your brand and reaching potential cus[more]

Weave The App

Weave allows you to sync your calendar with your daily appointments from different accounts and crea[more]

No More Wallets, On With Smartphones!

NFC?!! When it comes to Smartphones, what will they think of next? [more]

The Auto Mileage App

The AutoMileageApp is a very useful tool to keep track of business related travel on the fly. [more]

Expensify a Must Have App

As we get ready for the holidays, why not start thinking of our New Year’s resolutions?  Have you[more]

Ventura County CPA’s Thoughts on Squareup

For those who frequently do business out of the office Square can make accepting payments more simpl[more]

Pyne, Waltrip, Decker & McCoy, LLP is dedicated to providing personalized

services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs.

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