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Pyne, Waltrip, Decker & McCoy, LLP is a full-service accounting firm serving

clients throughout the beautiful Ventura County, California.

Tax Planning for 2014

A few ideas by your Ventura County CPAs that may help to get you prepared for next year's taxes. [more]

Finding Hidden Treasure

Would you like to know if you have any unclaimed property with the State of California? [more]

It’s Tax Time!

Find out what are some of the highlights of this year’s tax filing and if you are eligible. [more]

Household Employment Taxes

Do you have a household employee? Then find out if you owe payroll taxes on their wages. [more]

Seeking a Job? You May Be Able to Deduct the Expenses

Find out if you are eligible to deduct the cost of finding work in your current occupation. [more]

Do You Qualify for the Health Care Premium Tax Credit?

If you purchase health insurance through an exchange, you may be eligible for a tax credit that will[more]

Geographic Distribution of Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

Did you know that the value of home mortgage interest deduction varies significantly based on a tax[more]

Did You Hire a Veteran Prior to Jan. 1, 2014?

As an employer are you making the most of all of the tax credits or deductions that can lower your t[more]

How to Minimize Your Chances of Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft

Unfortunately, identity theft is a growing problem. In fact, California is one of the top three stat[more]

DOMA Decision’s Impact on Financial Planning for Same-Sex Couples

Find out about some of the changes affecting qualifying same-sex couples' financial planning. [more]

Umbrella Insurance:  Why wouldn’t you?

Find out why without Umbrella Liability Policy your wages and assets could be at stake. [more]

Take the Uncertainty Out of Health Care Reform

At Pyne, Waltrip, Decker & McCoy, LLP, we can help you understand whether your health coverage meets[more]

Employer-sponsored Retirement Plans

Learn how you can divert a large percentage or all of December’s paycheck toward your company-spon[more]

Have You Renewed Your Health Insurance Policy Yet?

Here is some helpful information for small businesses in Ventura County regarding their health insur[more]

Uniform Prudent Investors Act

Learn about the many “Duties” imposed on Trustees in the Uniform Prudent Investors Act. [more]

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness

If you received cancellation of debt on your principal residence during 2013, we encourage you to me[more]

A Heartwarming Story From One of Our Clients

A heartwarming story from one of our clients, Harrison Industries… [more]

Team Play

Don Pyne's perspective on being a part of a team play. [more]

A Ventura County CPA’s Way to Cope with Tax Due Dates

To motivate myself to make it through some of the tougher tax due dates, I invariably plan a trip be[more]

Getting Your Financial Affairs in Order

Your Parents took care of you when you were young, now you can help take care of them. [more]

Twice as Nice

Life is precious, new life is beautiful, life experiences can bring happiness and joy... twins are t[more]

Tree House Adventure

I don’t know where along the way this tree house project went from something I was doing for my so[more]

Taxes and Vacation for a Ventura County CPA

Even on vacation a partner and a Ventura County CPA gets ready to answer all of your new tax questio[more]

What Should You Do If You Are a Victim of Identity Theft

Last February 27, 2012, I became a victim of identity theft.  My bank notified me that an individua[more]

Talker, Email for your Ears App

Is there just not enough time to go through all of your emails during the day? There is an app that[more]

Now Hear This…Not All Thieves Are Stupid!!

Interesting accounts to help you be more cautious and aware…and smarter than the thieves! [more]

Leveraging Social Media to Build Your Brand

Social media can be a powerful tool in shaping and maintaining your brand and reaching potential cus[more]

Weave The App

Weave allows you to sync your calendar with your daily appointments from different accounts and crea[more]

No More Wallets, On With Smartphones!

NFC?!! When it comes to Smartphones, what will they think of next? [more]

The Auto Mileage App

The AutoMileageApp is a very useful tool to keep track of business related travel on the fly. [more]

Expensify a Must Have App

As we get ready for the holidays, why not start thinking of our New Year’s resolutions?  Have you[more]

Ventura County CPA’s Thoughts on Squareup

For those who frequently do business out of the office Square can make accepting payments more simpl[more]

Pyne, Waltrip, Decker & McCoy, LLP is dedicated to providing personalized

services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs.

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